Goodbye Provant, Hello Sonic Boom!

December 14, 2018

Health and Benefits News

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Healthy County will be transitioning to a new-and-improved wellness portal with Sonic Boom in Feb. 2019. The current Healthy County (powered by Provant) portal will be deactivated effective Jan. 1. In Feb., employees and covered spouses will be able to access the Healthy County (energized by Sonic Boom) portal to create an account, sync a physical activity device and begin participating. Healthy County will still host four physical activity challenges in 2019 for participating employees to earn a $50 gift card. The first challenge through the new portal begins in March.

What’s Coming on the New Portal?

  • The Sonic Boom portal is compatible with hundreds of activity trackers and fitness apps, including devices used on the Provant portal. A link to our device storefront will be featured on the portal for employees to purchase a device as well.
    NOTE: Sonic Boom Pebbles and Boomerangs are no longer supported by Sonic Boom.
  • Participants will no longer be required to register for each challenge! Instead, users will be auto-enrolled into quarterly challenges.
  • Employees will have more options when redeeming $50 incentive including gift cards, merchandise, and more. 
  • Employees will now be able to view their county’s specific rewards if they are eligible to earn a county-specific incentive.
  • In addition to physical activity tracking, the portal will feature county leaderboards, “Caught Ya Being Healthy,” contests, and health education.
  • Covered spouses will now have access to the portal! While they will not be eligible for the $50 gift card or the $30 device subsidy, spouses are invited to create an account and participate in the quarterly challenges, track county-specific incentives, and all other portal features.

What You Need to Know Now

  • Employees that earned an Amazon e-gift card in 2018 must retrieve their gift card code on the Healthy County Provant portal by Dec. 31.
  • Employees may still purchase a physical activity device via our device storefront. View these instructions for how to purchase a device before the new portal goes live.
  • You will be receiving further information and specific details about the new portal in the next few weeks. Please bear with us and stay tuned to your email as we go through this transition together.


If you have any questions about this transition or our new platform, please contact your Healthy County wellness consultant or email Healthy County.