May 13: County vs. County Contest

May 10, 2019| Health and Benefits News

Get ready for our second contest, County vs. County, beginning May 13! Log 30 days of 6,000 steps by June 23 to complete the contest. Check your progress in the Rewards tab on the Sonic Boom portal. Participants with their activity tracker registered on the Sonic Boom portal will be automatically registered for the challenge.

Achieving Your Activity Goals Bit by Bit

May 10, 2019| Health and Benefits News

Adults should get 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of vigorous activity each week. Sadly, less than 20% meet those guidelines. But this is a doable goal. Even short bouts of brisk movement can add up to good results.

New Health Benefits Now Available

May 10, 2019| Health and Benefits News

Fix pain fast at Airrosti, Visit a doctor online for $10 with MDLIVE®, Get prescription discounts with Medicine Match. Read more about these new benefits available to members.

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