Final Days of Reach the Beach! June 8 – Aug. 2

July 30, 2020

Health and Benefits News

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Reach the Beach ends Aug. 2!

Make your way to the beach where the sun smiles for miles in Reach the Beach!

Reach the Beach runs June 8 – Aug. 2.

Log 40 days of 6,000 steps or of 45 minutes of activity to complete the contest and earn $15 in Boomer Bucks.

Be sure to complete your final activity sync by Friday, Aug. 7.

Reward: Complete Reach the Beach to receive $15 in Boomer Bucks!*

Boomer Bucks can be used in the Sonic Boom storefront to purchase gift cards, merchandise and more.

Healthy County energized by Sonic Boom portal:

If you have any questions about the Sonic Boom program, about navigating your personal Sonic Boom site or about anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact the Sonic Boom Mission Control Support team by email,, or by phone. Toll-free line: (877) 766-4208

*All fully pooled TAC HEBP groups and participating ASO groups are eligible for the Boomer Bucks incentive. Participating ASO groups are Brazos, Comal and Guadalupe counties, and the Harris County Appraisal District.