Garmin Outage

July 30, 2020

Health and Benefits News

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We've been made aware that the servers for Garmin fitness devices are down. This means that Sonic Boom won't be automatically receiving Garmin data, and users may have trouble linking their Garmin account to their Sonic Boom account. We are relying on Garmin to resolve the issue with their servers, and hopefully we will be back in business soon!

Healthy County is awarding all Garmin users credit for days affected by the system outage during the Reach the Beach contest. Participants will receive credit starting on July 22 through the end of the contest, Aug. 2.

If you are experiencing problems, or have any questions, please reach out to the Sonic Boom support team at (877) 766-4208 or!

Please check Garmin's website and Human API's website for updates about the outage.