2020 Contests Update and County vs. County Winners

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We have adjusted the completion requirements in the County vs. County and Reach the Beach contests because the COVID-19 outbreak has made it more difficult for our members to participate in the Healthy County contests.

Reach the Beach

The step and physical activity requirements have been lowered from 7,000 steps or 60 minutes of activity to 6,000 steps or 45 minutes of activity. Participants will need to log 40 days of 6,000 steps or 45 minutes of activity to complete Reach the Beach.

County vs. County

The number of days needed to complete the contest has been lowered. Originally, the contest required participants to log 40 days of 6,000 steps or 45 minutes of physical activity. All participants who completed 30 days or more of 6,000 steps or 45 minutes of activity were given credit in County vs. County. With this adjustment, an additional 200 people were able to finish the contest.

County vs. County results

Check out the counties that earned the most steps during County vs. County!

County Size County Name
Over 200 Employees Wharton County
100 -199 Employees Gillespie County
50-99 Employees Falls County
26-49 Employees Edwards County
25 or Fewer Employees King County