Healthy County Telehealth Services

October 27, 2020

Health and Benefits News

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Healthy County offers free telehealth services to TAC HEBP members. These services allow members to receive medical advice, resources, care, and treatment plans all from the comfort of their home!


MDLIVE provides 24-hour access to licensed doctors and therapists who diagnose, prescribe and assist with health care concerns. There is no copay for MDLIVE visits until Oct. 1. Visit or call (855) 357-5228 to schedule an appointment today!

Airrosti Remote Recovery

Airrosti Remote Recovery connects you with a licensed Airrosti clinician to deliver a personalized recovery plan for musculoskeletal pain and injury management at home. There is no copay for an Airrosti remote visit until Dec. 31. Visit or call (855) 913-0845 to schedule an appointment today!


Registered nurses at Nurseline are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide health care advice, resources and support to you all at no cost. Call (855) 357-5228 and ask for Nurseline.