New Year's resolutions are so 2020

January 26, 2021

Health and Benefits News

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Sometimes, the truth hurts: Most of us will give up on our New Year’s resolutions by Jan. 10. That’s right—just 10 days after making them. But breaking down big goals into smaller steps can help you stick to your health goals this new year:

Losing weight:
If you want to lose X pounds by the end of the year, try setting a weight loss goal for each month—not the entire year.

Exercising more:
Add some steps to your day by taking a morning or lunch walk around your neighborhood. Mix in a few stretch breaks too!

Eating healthy:
If you’re tired of fruit and nuts as a work snack, try Greek yogurt with cinnamon and berries or a cheese stick with cherry tomatoes.

Small steps, big changes
Omada® helps you lose weight, gain energy and improve your overall health, all with a simple app. We’ll match you with a health coach you can talk to anytime, anywhere—and you’ll never pay a dime.

Omada® is a personalized lifestyle-change program that inspires healthy habits you can live with for the long term. It combines the behavior-change science and unwavering support you’ll need to lose weight, keep it off and reduce your risk for Type 2 diabetes or heart disease.

The program includes:

  • Wireless smart scale to monitor your progress.
  • Professional health coach to keep you on track.
  • Interactive program that adapts to you.
  • Weekly online lessons to educate and inspire.
  • Small group of participants for real-time support.

Take a one-minute risk screener to see whether you’re eligible:

The Omada program is available to all fully pooled groups and participating ASO groups. Participating ASO groups include Brazos and Comal counties.