WW Insider’s Box Promotion

July 21, 2021

Health and Benefits News

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WW’s newest program, myWW+ recently launched and is their most holistic weight-loss program ever. This means you’ll get more of what you need to succeed – all within the award-winning app.

Foods you love: 9,000+ recipes, meal planning tools, and food and water trackers help you stay on track from breakfast until dinner.

Get-moving inspiration: Whether at home, outside, or at the gym, WW’s on-demand video and audio workouts will help you find an activity you love.

Mindset strategies: New 5-Minute Coaching audio lessons help put you in the frame of mind to make healthier choices.

Sleep tracking: Set yourself up for better zzz’s with a new feature that serves up personalized bedtime advice.

Weekly progress reports: Get a complete look at your wellness—because the scale doesn’t tell the whole story.

If you sign up for WW by July 31, you can receive a FREE WW Insider’s Box! For more details on the special rates through TAC, and how to redeem for your kit, visit ww.com/us/healthycounty

OR if you sign up Aug. 1-Aug. 31 you will receive a free Goal Getter kit!

You can sign up for WW at ww.com/us/HealthyCounty. Employees on the county health plan will select MEMBER to enter your BCBSTX ID Number to receive the $12.72/month discounted rate. All spouses, dependents, and employees not on the county health plan will choose EMPLOYEE to receive the $16.95/month enhanced rate.