Order More Unfunded Mandate Info Cards Online for Free

June 04, 2018

Legislative News

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Property tax graphic

We’ve challenged county officials across the state to take the message of ending unfunded mandates to their constituents, legislators and state leaders. Everyday Texans are already taking the message directly to the governor and lieutenant governor, and county officials can help keep the pressure on.

The new informational card on unfunded mandates is available for county officials to order online for free, so stock up.

County officials across the state are using this valuable new tool to help educate taxpayers on the necessity for a constitutional amendment to protect property taxpayers from unfunded mandates.

Last session, the Texas Legislature came closer than ever to protecting county budgets and property taxpayers from unfunded mandates. More about the fate of last session’s proposed constitutional amendment banning unfunded mandates can be found in the County magazine article, Local Control or Control the Locals. Unfunded mandate protections ultimately died last session, but 2019 could be the year we end them. Let’s take advantage of the momentum and spread the word!
Property tax graphicRemember to contact Rick Thompson, Legislative Liaison or Rhita Koches, Core Legislative Group Coordinator to offer your feedback and share your experience in presenting this message whether through social media, speaking engagements or editorial pieces.​​​​