Urgent: Keep Your County Domain Active

August 24, 2018

TAC News

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OCTOBER 1 DEADLINE APPROACHING: You must Complete Two Required Forms to Keep Your County Domain Active

Your co.(county).tx.us domain is now being managed by Neustar, who is requiring you to verify your ownership in order to maintain ownership and access to your website and email domain. You are required to complete two forms (linked below) and to submit them to Neustar by Oct. 1 or you risk losing access to your website and/or email.

ACT NOW and submit the forms linked below to dotus@support.neustar to avoid the loss of your county domain and disruption to your website and email operations.

FORM ONE: Registrant Agreement
A new registration agreement must be signed. Email a signed agreement to dotus@support.neustar.

FORM TWO: Domain Name Contact Form
(Important Note: TAC CIRA members, please contact us to obtain the secure version of the form you will need to submit) A Domain Management Contact Form needs to be completed, allowing TAC CIRA or your preferred technical contact to contact Neustar on your behalf and provide technical management of your domain. Send your completed contact form along with the signed agreement to dotus@support.neustar.

TAC CIRA members, view this report to see whether you have completed the required forms. Please note, this report is received from Neustar on a weekly basis, so recent submissions may not be reflected. Status will only be shown as "completed" if your county has submitted both forms.

Please act as soon as possible. If you have any questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to contact TAC or call (800) 456-5974.