Print and Digital Tools

Use these tools to help you and your county spread the word that Texas counties deliver.

Share this informative website, which explains county government and county officials’ duties. It features fun videos, a poster, videos and more. Use it during presentations and in conversations with constituents and legislators.

Website Button

Add a Texas Counties Deliver button to your county website and link it to the website to give visitors to your site a quick way to learn about county government.

To download the button, click on the link. If you are using Internet Explorer or another browser that does not download, right-click the image and choose "Save picture as..."

If your county website is provided through the TAC County Information Resources Agency (TAC CIRA), the button will be provided as part of your website template. If you have any questions, call (800) 456-5974.

Right-click these images to download


Share this and other entertaining, short videos about county government.

More videos are coming, so check back often! These are produced by Emmy Award winner Chet Garner of "The Daytripper" on PBS.

Texas County Government Duties Brochure

Distribute this brochure, which describes the duties of each county office and the services county government provides. Order copies for the cost of shipping.

Texas County Government PowerPoint Presentation

Use this customizable PowerPoint presentation and accompanying script to give presentations about county government in your community.

Texas County Government Services Poster

This 11” x 38” poster highlights many essential services counties provide Texans. Order posters hang in your office and courthouse. Available in both English and Spanish.


Download and share these infographics about indigent defense costs, county services, property tax bill basics and more to help explain essential county services and important county issues. Spread the word!