​New to Office Kit - Welcome to County Government

As a county official, winning your first election or being appointed to office can be a lot like buying the latest electronic gadget, and you may be asking, “Where’s the manual?”

The Texas Association of Counties (TAC) can help guide you through your first few weeks in office and continue as a resource throughout your career in public service.

TAC was created by counties for counties. We provide services to all Texas counties and all county officials.

County Officials Survival Kit

After your election or appointment, we'll send you a kit with the following information to help you start off on the right foot. Or, follow the links below to access a digital copy of the materials.

2022 Texas Association of Counties Legislative Guide
2023 Education & Opportunities Guide
County Information Resources Agency (CIRA) Brochure
Cybersecurity Brochure
Power Through Pooling: Health & Employee Benefits and Risk Management
Power Through Pooling: Risk Management
Texas Association of Counties Guide to Services Brochure
Who to Contact
Smart First Steps Flyer
2021 Member Report
Pitfalls & Perils Legal Guide
Guide to Texas Laws for County Officials
Guide to Official Oath and Bond Requirements
Core Legislative Group Forms
County Investment Academy (CIA) Card
County Trading Post Card
The TAC Way Booklet

Additional Legal Resources

  • Legal Publications  - These guides will help you become familiar with the basic regulations that apply to government business, which are often very different from the rules that apply to the private sector.
  • Open Government Training Information - Elected and appointed public officials are required by state law to receive training in Texas open government laws. Information on this training including free video training courses, available online at The Office of the Attorney General website.

Do you want a box of printed resources?

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Preparing to Take Office Workshops

In December of even-numbered year TAC holds free, one-day workshops at multiple locations around the state. These sessions are created specifically with you in mind. Check our Calendar of Events for the schedule.