Local Decision Making Action Center

Legislators need to hear from local officials like you. This page is a resource for you in carrying the message on local decision making and property taxes. 

What You Can Do

In addition to passing the proposed Resolution in Opposition to Unfunded Mandates linked below, consider organizing a meeting with your state representative and a diverse group of local leaders from your community regarding local decision-making. 
During the first part of session, legislators traditionally head home earlier in the week—sometimes as early as each Wednesday. This is an opportunity to engage with them on this vital issue in your local communities.

Ahead of the meeting with your legislator, gather with some of your community and business leaders, municipal leaders, local first responders, including volunteer fireman, police, hospitals, and other members of the community who understand that local decisions are best made at the local level. Share with them what you know about the efforts underway at the Capitol and how those efforts could have significant consequences for local budgets, local services and the local economy.

Ready-made fact sheets, presentations, and other items below will help make this an easy task.

Resolution in Opposition to Unfunded Mandates

Below is a proposed Resolution in Opposition to Unfunded Mandates that can be customized for your county. As county officials, your expertise is vital in educating and informing your legislators about the fiscal implications for counties and local taxpayers of decisions made by the Legislature.

The expense figures for the resolution should be readily available from your county’s recent response to TAC’s Unfunded Mandates Survey. You can get a summary of your county’s response by contacting Tim Brown, TAC County Information Program Senior Analyst.

After your court has completed and adopted the resolution, please forward it to your state senator (firstname.lastname@senate.texas.gov) and state representatives (firstname.lastname@house.texas.gov). Also, please share copies with local media, on social media and with Jim Allison and Rhita Koches, TAC’s Core Legislative Group Coordinator.

Download the Resolution

Local Decision Making and Property Taxes Presentation

The County Judges and Commissioners Association of Texas, Conference of Urban Counties, Texas Association of Counties, Texas Association of School Boards, and Texas Municipal League have developed an educational presentation to explain the ways local government and public schools are funded, how decisions of the Legislature impact the property tax rate, and why local decision-making is the best way to address the myriad challenges in Texas, where one size does not fit all.

You are welcome to repost the PowerPoint on your county website and use the presentation to help educate your constituents.

Note: Once you have had your meeting, please contact Rick Thompson and Rhita Koches to let them know who attended the meeting, and when.

Download the Presentation  

Customize this presentation to meet your needs. Watch the video below of Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley giving a modified version of this presentation as part of a larger state of the county talk.