Unfunded Mandate Info Card

Texans deserve the truth, and they deserve true property tax relief. 

It’s time to engage your citizens in true property tax relief and reform. These informational pieces can help. County officials can order these informational cards on unfunded mandates for free to share with their constituents and use in public speaking engagements.

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Each card includes tear-off postcards that constituents can choose to mail in to the governor and lieutenant governor if they feel strongly about the issue of safeguarding property taxpayers against unfunded mandates by putting pay-as-you-go government in the Texas Constitution. Officials can also download a sample public speaking script/newspaper op-ed​Power Point presentation and an outline of talking points.

You can also help educate your constituents by just sharing www.ProtectPropertyTaxpayers.org on Facebook and Twitter, with your colleagues at the courthouse, and in regular conversations with your residents.

More than just a website, www.ProtectPropertyTaxpayers.org can help connect concerned citizens with their legislators and state leaders.

The site provides examples of unfunded mandates, a short history of legislative attempts to stop them and links to TAC’s unfunded mandates survey. The site then provides visitors the opportunity to contact their legislators in just a few clicks.

Suggested email text helps set a respectful tone for users as they begin to prepare their personalized remarks to their representatives. It also includes some talking points to help them be direct in making their point.​​​​​​​​​​​

Order These Unfunded Mandate Educational Cards For Free

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