Resistance Response Simulator Training

Members of the TAC RMP Law Enforcement Liability Program have access to a Resistance Response Simulator (RRS) available to help county law enforcement officers who encounter volatile situations typical in law enforcement operations.

The RRS can better prepare county peace officers and jailers to handle tense, unpredictable situations in a lawful and justifiable way.

Training highlights:

  • The RRS offers a training opportunity for county peace officers and jailers in a controlled environment that cannot be replicated in a standard classroom setting.
  • More than 600 realistic training scenarios are available, including active shooter, domestic violence, bar scene, burglary, patrol, jail environment and more.
  • The RRS also includes various shooting range simulations.
  • Students respond in real-time to the RRS conditions and type of weapon used.
  • The RRS instructor controls the encounters and can adjust the simulator response as needed based on the participant’s reaction during the exercise.
  • The small classroom environment enables immediate peer and instructor feedback.

The “real-life” video scenarios are projected on a large screen through a high resolution projector. Students have access to a variety of modified weapons – including a Taser, handgun and a pepper spray canister – that are designed to function the same as real weapons, but emit a laser for screen and system interaction. 

While some real-life events cannot be duplicated in a training environment, this training is intended to place students in similar mindsets and conditions that they may experience when protecting citizens, property and themselves.