COVID-19 – An Important Reminder to TAC RMP Workers' Compensation Members

Members of the TAC Risk Management Pool's (TAC RMP) Workers’ Compensation (WC) Program are reminded to report all work-related exposures that result in positive COVID-19 testing, particularly if symptoms have developed.

Employees should be under medical supervision if in quarantine. The Pool offers a telemedicine solution through RediMD that can serve as the Treating Physician, order diagnostics, establish a treatment plan and manage Return to Work. RediMD can be accessed prior to submitting the claim to ensure the employee is receiving appropriate medical care by calling 888-REDIMD5 (733-4635). RediMD provides 24/7 service for TAC RMP WC member employees.

Compensability decisions must be made on all COVID-19 claims. In August, the Texas Department of Insurance will issue a mandatory request for data on all claims to determine the impact of the virus on the Texas workforce.

TAC RMP encourages employers to report all exposures when practical. COVID-19 testing is covered under workers' compensation, if the employee has an exposure in the workplace. If testing is negative, the employer may decide whether a report should be submitted and recorded. COVID-19 submissions cannot be submitted as a Report Only claim.

COVID-19 has unexpectedly encroached into each of our lives during the past few months. By moving and working together deliberately, thoughtfully and carefully, we can safely get to the other side of this pandemic.

TAC RMP WC Claims can be reported online (with credentials), via fax or email.

TAC RMP - Dedicated Unit

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Austin, TX 78716
(800) 752-6301*
*dial 1+last 4 digits for extension
(512) 346-9321 - fax

If you have any questions regarding workers’ compensation, please contact Helana Barmore, Casualty Claims Supervisor or Stacy Corluccio, Claims Manager.

Stay safe.  Texas needs you!