Resources & News for Counties

Mandated Posting Requirements

Counties are legally required to post certain documents and items publicly on their website. The Texas Association of Counties (TAC) has compiled the list of requirements for county websites here.

If you have questions regarding a particular mandate, please consult with your county attorney.

Elections Posting Requirements for County Websites

Please be aware of the best practices for posting elections-related information on your county website. The League of Women Voters of Texas (LWV) has begun regularly reviewing county websites for proper elections postings and publishing their findings, including a report of each website's rating. Find more information regarding elections, including Texas voting rights and elections laws, on the LWV website.

Printable Educational Flyers for County Offices

Download and print an informational flyer in your office about how to keep your accounts safe by creating hack-proof passwords. Print and post a flyer about SPAM and how TAC CIRA email customers can best report these potentially unsafe, and certainly annoying, emails.

Training for County Website Editing

TAC CIRA offers training resources for staff who are responsible for keeping their county website up to date. See more information on our TAC CIRA Website Training page.

Reporting to the Office of Court Administration (OCA)

Government codes require county governments to submit certain reports to the OCA. Visit the OCA website for more information on requirements.

Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR)

DIR is the state agency that promotes the efficient utilization and management of information resources. Visit their website for information about technology vendors, open records requests and network security assessments.

IT Resources for Texas Counties

TAC is helping to connect county IT experts with other counties seeking guidance and insight on technology-related questions. Contact us if you’re a county that is looking for technology answers.

Are you a county IT resource who’s willing to share your expertise with other counties? Click here to volunteer to lend your insight to counties in the future.