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Helpful Tools and Utilities

Find Texas Cities

Texas Town & City Search. Enter a name, or even a partial name, of a place in Texas (city or town) and this search engine will tell you what places and towns match the search string, what counties they are in, and the most recent population of each place per U.S. Census Bureau estimates. Note that the population shown is for that part of each place in the indicated county.
Find Texas Counties
Texas County Locator Map. Need to know where a county can be found? Try this interactive map provided by the Texas Association of Counties' County Information Program.

School Districts

Texas School District Locator. Search for Texas school disticts by district name, district number, or county name. The School District Locator will return both a list of the school districts matching your search criteria and an interactive map showing their locations and boundaries.

State-to-Vendor Payments

Vendor Payments. Designed to allow vendors to look up state payments on-line. There is a public information search available but a Social Security Number, Taxpayer Identification Number or Employer Identification Number is required.

Search Engines

USA.gov. Search for information from state governments, specific federal agencies and departments, etc. all at one time. It is just like running a search on one of the major search engines like Altavista, except that the results are limited to federal, state, and local government web sites. There is also a directory of links to federal agencies, states, etc.

Zip Codes and More

ZIP Code Lookup. Allows you to look up all of the zip codes in a county.
Zip Codes. Use these tools from the U.S. Postal Service to locate 5 or 9 digit zip codes.
Zip Info. Use their free Zip Code Lockup feature to locate area codes, congressional districts, latitude and longitude, etc. You can find out the five digit zip code by entering a city and state.