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    Fall 2022

    Blog | October 28, 2022

    Prepare — even if it’s a Texas winter

    Health & Benefits News

    Regardless of whether this winter is an actual winter or a warm Texas winter – although predictions suggest the former – TAC Risk Management Services staff members are asking counties to fortify their cold weather plans.

    The Farmers' Almanac predicts that Texas will see a colder than usual winter in early 2023, becoming particularly frigid in early to mid-January and early to mid-February. Don't expect much snow this winter, except for northern Texas.

    But as we saw with this past hurricane season's predictions, long-term forecasts can sometimes be wrong, so Clem Zabalza, TAC Risk Control Manager, said it's important to keep an eye on short-term weather conditions as much as possible.

    "Being weather aware gives you a heads-up on when bad weather is coming, and that applies to any season, but especially winter," Zabalza said, referring to 2021's February ice storm. "You don't want to be caught by surprise. You can always start preparing."

    Zabalza recommends monitoring the National Weather Service, tuning in to local news stations and downloading phone apps such as Weather Underground and Dark Sky.

    Read through tips on this page about how to keep your people and property safe before a winter storm.