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    Summer 2022

    Blog | July 30, 2022

    Safety equipment program stores close Sept. 2

    Health & Benefits News

    The TAC Risk Management Pool (TAC RMP) Employee Safety Equipment Program, which distributes $800,000 to members to go shopping for personal safety equipment, ends Sept. 2.

    The annual event started in May and allows counties participating in the TAC RMP Workers' Compensation Program to spend money that the Pool Board approves each year specifically for the program. The preapproved equipment is available through two online stores — one for law enforcement officers and the other for road and bridge workers.

    "We recognize the challenges counties have in finding money to buy needed equipment and supplies to help protect employees. This is an opportunity for TAC RMP to provide funding to help buy items that can help reduce injuries and losses without impacting their budgets," said Clem Zabalza, TAC Risk Control Manager.

    Items include gloves, fire extinguishers, hand restraints, flashlights and eyewash stations, among many more.

    The program is one of the many perks for Pool members that not only help offload some of the financial burden of county operations but also keep county employees safe. Safety equipment, coupled with proper practices, can help lower liability claims.

    "Most of the success stories we hear are about how their purchases are making it safer for their employees to do their work or how the items they purchased are helping them buy items they would have had to wait until the next budget year to buy," Zabalza said.

    Zabalza recommends spending the full amount allotted to members.

    "It's your money, so we like to see you spend all of it," he said.

    The county's Pool coordinator and sheriff should have received emails with the allotted spending limit for each store. Webinar recordings about how to navigate the online store and answers to frequently asked questions can be found at Contact TAC Risk Control Services at or (800) 456-5974 for more information.