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Social Media Policy Guidelines

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Many counties have implemented guidelines and policies to manage their social media presence and avoid pitfalls. The policies address some of the important questions facing counties preparing to adopt these new communications channels such as public meeting law, open meetings law, public record laws, confidentiality issues, copyright issues and employment/HR issues, management of official social media accounts, employee access at work and employee participation at work or home, guidelines concerning what to post, who to “follow” or “retweet,” security, metrics and even promotion.

This PowerPoint presentation, from NACo presenter and San Mateo County Deputy County Counsel Glenn Levy, highlights some legal issues that county officials should assess before delving into social media. 

TAC suggests county officials get input from their county attorneys or other local counsel about whether and how to implement a social media policy.

To ensure compliance with the Open Meetings Act, please consult with your county attorney. If you have any questions about social media or would like to learn more about getting started, applying it to your specific needs and using it effectively, don’t hesitate to contact TAC at (800) 456-5974.​