TAC HEBP member uses determination to change her life

June 29, 2021|

Determination is key for making major lifestyle changes. Letty Ramirez, a Caldwell County employee, decided she was ready to break the cycle of bad habits and she’s seeing big results.

Score a bragging-rights bounty in County vs County!

June 29, 2021| Health and Benefits News

The third Healthy County Contest of 2021, County vs County, runs June 7 through Aug. 1. To earn $15 in Boomer Bucks, achieve at least 40 days of 7,000 steps or 60 minutes of activity. Band with your local buddies in this team-based contest—the county or district with the highest average daily steps wins!

WW Insider’s Box Promotion

June 29, 2021| Health and Benefits News

TAC has partnered with WW (Weight Watchers re-imagined) to help you reach your wellness goals. TAC even offers special discounted rates!

Check out Livongo's Healthy June Resources

June 29, 2021| Health and Benefits News

The month of June marks the beginning of summer, a season that makes us all want to spend more time outside. This month, we’re focusing on summer fitness.

Take Advantage of the Employee Assistance Program

June 29, 2021|

As a reminder, the employee assistance program (EAP) powered by Alliance Work Partners is available to all fully pooled TAC Health and Employee Benefits Pool members and participating ASO members.

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