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    Courthouse Preservation Program (2024-25 Funding Cycle)

    The 88th Legislature appropriated $45 million for the Texas Historic Courthouse Preservation Program (THCPP) for the 13th round of funding for the program. Under legislation enacted by the 88th Legislature, applicants can receive up to $10 million in matching grants beginning with the 2024-25 funding cycle. The THCPP provides partial matching grants for planning grants to restore a historic courthouse, construction grants to restore a historic courthouse fully, and emergency grants to address issues endangering a historic courthouse, including natural disasters. Eligible participants: counties with an approved Courthouse Preservation Master Plan. See the list of counties with approved master plans.

    Anticipated Total Awarded:
    Maximum Award: None
    Match Requirement: None
    Duration of Grant Award:
    Date Available: 2/2/2024 12:00 AM
    Date Due: 5/13/2024 12:00 AM