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    ALERRT Travel Assistance, FY 2023

    The Governor's Public Safety Office (PSO) is accepting application from law enforcement agencies to offset agency-incurred travel costs for sending peace officers to Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT). Eligible costs include: overtime costs incurred to backfill shifts for peace officers traveling to ALERRT training; travel expenditures; and training stipends. Applications may only be submitted after receiving confirmation of registration for an ALERRT course. Proof of course confirmation will be required prior to the issuance of a grant award. All training course must meet ALERRT training requirements.

    Anticipated Total Awarded:


    Maximum Award: None
    Match Requirement: None
    Duration of Grant Award:
    Date Available: 8/16/2022 7:00 PM
    Date Due: 8/30/2023 7:00 PM

    Funding agency contact:

    Contact the eGrants help desk at or (512) 463-1919