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Core Legislative Group

The Texas Association of Counties Legislative Department has developed a Core Legislative Team whose members are advocates on behalf of counties with the Legislature. When legislators are faced with issues that may affect local government, they truly want to hear from local elected and appointed officials. It is important for county officials to maintain constant effective working relationships with representatives and senators.

There are several opportunities to participate in the legislative process by becoming a part of the Core Legislative Group. As a member, you will help by:

  • Contacting your local legislators in person, by phone, email or in writing
    As in past sessions, we will reach out to you for assistance in communicating with legislators regarding specific legislation. In this regard, we ask that you try to maintain a consistent level of communication (telephone, email, text messages, personal visits, social media) with your legislative delegation, not only during session but also throughout the interim. Your ability to communicate directly with your legislators has proven extremely successful in the past and will be vital during this session.  

  • Providing testimony (written or verbal) or completing a witness card for or against legislation at committee hearings
    We will continue to utilize the expertise of the Core Legislative Group in providing written and spoken testimony on county bills during committee hearings. Please let us know if you have a particular interest in helping with this.

  • Supplying TAC with your opinions regarding legislation that will impact county government
    Periodically, we will ask for your assessment of how a bill might affect your county or the operations of a particular county office. Your assessment helps us communicate the effect of a bill to legislators and staff early in the process and will help improve these county-related bills.

Additionally, your ability to assess the financial impact of legislation on your county’s budget is extremely important and can greatly affect the success or failure of proposed legislation. Our County Information Program works closely with the Legislative Budget Board to provide the fiscal impact to counties of proposed legislation. The more counties that respond, the more persuasive the information is to legislators who are making decisions about whether to vote for or against a piece of legislation. Any assistance that you can provide in answering these important requests from our County Information Program is greatly appreciated. 

The Texas Association of Counties needs to know who in county government has a relationship with their lawmakers, as well as who is willing to actively participate in the legislative process. If you are interested, please submit an online Core Legislative Group Information form or download the Word document.

Please note that the Texas Association of Counties is subject to the provisions of the Open Records Act and accordingly the information that you submit will become an open record.