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The 84th Texas legislative session is upon us and one of the best ways to be prepared and stay in the know is to follow @TexasCounties on Twitter. The TAC Twitter account provides up-to-the-minute news about issues important to counties and curates several easy-to-subscribe-to lists of senators, representatives and other members of the Capitol crowd.

Over the last two sessions, the rapid-fire short message social networking service has become an indispensable tool at the Capitol for county officials, members of the public interested in the legislative process, legislators and legislative staffers. Nearly every member of the Texas Senate and Texas House of Representatives use the service to send messages to the public and gain an idea of what constituents are saying. And those legislators not using Twitter still have staffers using the service.

“One of the most interesting things to do on the House floor is walk up and down the aisles and see what people are looking at on their computers. You get a lot of real time shifting of opinion on the House floor as a result of incoming tweets. You see members monitoring, in real-time, the chatter on Twitter and in the blogosphere as they’re getting ready to cast a vote. It’s really changed the dynamic,” said former State Rep. Mark Strama during a forum on the Demographic Change and the Digital Divide hosted by The Texas Tribune. 

When local officials share their insights and opinions, legislators listen. The input county officials tweet to their representatives and senators can make all the difference on many key issues this next session, according to TAC Legislative Director Paul Sugg. 

“When legislators are faced with issues that could affect county government, they truly want to hear from county officials. It is important for county officials to maintain constant and effective working relationships with representatives and senators, using as many communications channels as they can. Twitter allows you onto the floor and into the conversation, even when you’re back home,” Sugg said.

To help county officials connect with the Capitol, TAC has curated several Twitter lists that county officials can subscribe to. TAC’s “Who to Follow” and “Texas Counties” lists are great places to start on Twitter. TAC has also put together lists related to the Texas Senate, Texas House, statewide officials, statewide groups and Texas media outlets, all of which can be found at www.twitter.com/TexasCounties/lists​. By subscribing to the lists, officials can see what legislators, other counties and county officials, departments, agencies and journalists from across the state are doing on Twitter and easily contact any one of them.

For more informatoin on how to use Twitter and other social media resources, visit www.county.org/socialmedia. 


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