11 Ways to Celebrate County Government Month

 (And Spread the Word That Texas Counties Deliver)


April is County Government Month. What better way to celebrate than to spread the word about the value of county government and how your county delivers to Texans every day.

Need ideas to get started? Here are 11 ways to share the county story in April and beyond.

1.     Educate and Entertain – Give a presentation about county government to a local group. Make it easy! Download TAC’s customizable PowerPoint and script, “Texas Counties Deliver: Effective, Efficient, Local Solutions.” Be sure to show one or more of TAC’s entertaining and informative county government videos produced by Chet Garner of “The Daytripper” travel show on PBS.

2.     Make Your Own Video – Record a brief (three minute or shorter) video using your smartphone. Explain a key role of your office or another aspect of county government. Upload it to YouTube and share the link on social media and your website. Remember: hold your camera horizontally, not vertically, for more professional-looking results. See more tips here.

3.     Speak to Legislators – Share real-world stories to help illustrate your county’s challenges and achievements. Discuss legislative issues of concern. Use infographics and legislative briefs provided by TAC to help explain property tax issues, essential services provided by your county and more.

Tools, Tips and More
​Find videos, print materials, sharable infographics and more to support these ideas as well as how-to tips from county officials​ who are already spreading the word. Please
with questions or comments.

4.     Show Off New Website Show the engaging, informative Texas Counties Deliver website to constituents, legislators, teachers and students. The site explains county government and county officials’ duties in both English and Spanish. It also features TAC’s county government video series produced by Garner.

5.     Distribute Brochure – Provide copies of the “Texas County Government: How county government serves you and your community” brochure in the public areas of your courthouse and other county buildings. Distribute them at public speaking events and school career days. Copies are available from TAC for the cost of shipping.

6.     Write It Out – Offer to contribute a weekly column or commentary about county government to your local newspaper or radio station. Submit an opinion-editorial to a local or regional newspaper to explain an aspect of county government or a current issue affecting your county. See tips here.

7.     Go Social – Exploit the power of social media to showcase the good work your county does. Don’t forget to post photos – followers love them. If you’re already on Facebook, sign up for Twitter and Instagram. Follow TAC on Twitter and Instagram — we're @TexasCounties.

8.     Create a County Government 101 Class – Follow Comal County’s lead by coordinating with your fellow county officials to create a series of presentations that explain each county office and what it does, demystify the county budget and property tax rate, and more.

9.     Post Services Poster – Hang our “Here are Just a Few Things Counties Do for You” poster in public areas of your courthouse and other county buildings. Available in English and Spanish, the poster showcases key essential services counties provide Texans. Copies are available from TAC for the cost of shipping.

10.  Promote Texas Counties Deliver Web Address – Promote public education about county government on your county fleet.  Order TAC’s license plate holders, which feature the TexasCountiesDeliver.org web address, for the cost of shipping.

11.  Use Infographics Download and share one of our eye-catching infographics. Use them to explain how counties deliver many state services at the local level, the role counties play in supporting the state’s transportation infrastructure, the basics of a property tax bill and much more.

The Texas Counties Deliver public information campaign aims to improve the public’s understanding of county government and the essential services it provides Texans. This is one in a series of articles highlighting how Texas counties are sharing the county story with the public. Need ideas for how you can share the good news about your county?

Texas Counties Deliver. Email us for ideas and resources. Let TAC know what you’re doing. .

Texas Counties Deliver. It’s time to spread the word!
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