Link to County Government Info With New Button

 Liz Carmack

Visitors to your county’s website can now learn about county government with just one click.

TAC has developed a new Texas Counties Deliver button to link directly to www.texascountiesdeliver

The website:
• Explains the basics of county government and the duties of county officials;
• Includes fun, informative videos about county government by Chet Garner, of PBS’s “The Daytripper” TV show; and
• Is part of TAC’s Texas Counties Deliver public information campaign, which aims to improve the public’s understanding of the value of county government and the essential services it provides Texans.

Adding the Button

If your website is provided by the TAC County Information Resources Agency (TAC CIRA), just call (800) 456-5974 or email and they will add it for you. Staff will add the button for you under the “Useful Links” section of your county’s homepage.

If you’re not a member of TAC CIRA, just go to and click on “Tools” to download a copy of the button.

Garner presented the new button during the Closing General Session of the Legislative Conference as the latest Texas Counties Deliver resource available to counties.

If you have any questions, please let us know at .

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