Videos, Print Materials and More available


Chet Gardner from PBS' "The Day Tripper"

During the Closing General Session, Garner urged county officials to visit the Texas Counties Deliver resources web page at

The page includes:

Short videos about county government that can be downloaded and shared; 

Online orders of brochures, posters and other materials for the cost of shipping; and

Infographics and other resources to help educate the public about county government.

His team has produced a dozen engaging, entertaining videos explaining county government. More are to come. During the Closing General Session, Garner introduced three of the newest videos available: “Why Does My Property Tax Bill Seem So Big?” “Why the Government Closest to the People Serves Us Best” and “Who’s Responsible for the County Budget?”

The videos are easy for officials to download and share on social media and include when making public presentations to school groups, civic clubs and more.

Garner also told officials that whenever they are asked, “What do you do?” they should send the asker to the website. The informative site explains the many essential services county government provides and the duties of county officials. 

Garner said that these communication resources help officials ensure the public’s understanding of what counties do is closer to actual reality. 

“Many of you are humble,” Garner said. “However, if no one is willing to toot the horn then the horn is not going to be tooted.” 


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