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 4 (nearly) Free Tools Help You Explain County Government


Need help explaining what county government is all about to your constituents and your legislators? Look no further!

Visit the Texas Counties Deliver Outreach Resources page on the TAC website at www.county.org/TexasCountiesDeliver.​ Click on “Tools” and place your order. It’s that simple.

Join other county officials across the state who are using these tools to educate the public. Order one tool or all four! The resources are free to counties. You only pay the cost of shipping.

1 “Texas Counties Deliver: Here Are Just a Few Things Counties Do for You” poster – Order copies of this 11” x 38” poster to hang in county buildings and distribute during presentations to community groups. The poster is available in English and Spanish.

2 “Texas County Government: How county government serves you and your community” brochure – This brochure explains the role of county government and the duties of each office. Place copies in county offices for the public. Hand out during presentations. The brochure is available in English and Spanish.

3 “Texas Counties Deliver – A Great Bargain for Your Tax Dollar” brochure – Use this brochure and its infographic to explain the value that county government provides and how unwarranted restrictions on local revenue decisions make it harder for counties to meet rising costs and state mandates. 

4 License Plate HolderDress up your county fleet with Texas Counties Deliver license plate holders and drive folks to visit the www.texascountiesdeliver.org website. The site explains county government and county officials’ duties, and includes links to fun, informative videos.

Texas-Counties-Deliver_logo_final.pngThe Texas Counties Deliver public information campaign aims to improve the public’s understanding of county government and the essential services it provides Texans. This is one in a series of articles highlighting how Texas counties are sharing the county story with the public. Need ideas for how you can share the good news about your county? See www.county.org/texascountiesdeliver​ for ideas and resources. Let TAC know how what you’re doing. Email us a .Texas Counties Deliver. It’s time to spread the word! 

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