NGR Stadium Shelter Available to Displaced Residents



The NRG Stadium (formerly Reliant Stadium), One NRG Park, Houston, 77054, is now available as a regional shelter for residents of Harris County and neighboring counties displaced by recent flooding.  

Transportation of residents to the NRG Stadium is available for shelter coordinators in the area that would like to move those they are sheltering.

Please do not self-deploy your shelter. In order to coordinate, PLEASE CALL OR TEXT the Harris County Fire Marshal’s Office at (832) 642-2589. 

Shelters who would like to close operations and move residents to the NRG Stadium shelter are asked to please provide the following:

  • How many will be brought
  • The time frame of arrival
  • Any special needs
  • Two phone numbers

The NRG Stadium facility comforts include:

  • 8,000 cots
  • On-site clinic
  • On-site pharmacy
  • On-site busing to local stores
  • A grocery store
  • A clothing store
  • An on-site theater for kids
  • A pet-friendly environment

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