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TAC has developed another tool to help county officials educate the public about unfunded mandates and how they affect the bottom line for county budgets and property tax bills. 

County officials know that unfunded mandates add 

more to the bottom line on property tax bills each year, but most taxpayers aren’t aware of how the practice affects them. You can help educate your constituents by sharing on Facebook and Twitter, with your colleagues at the courthouse, and in regular conversations with your residents. 

This site takes readers through a quick overview of what an unfunded mandate is and how it affects property taxes. It invites them to download TAC’s 2016 Unfunded Mandates Survey to learn more. For visitors who believe unfunded mandate protections are essential, can help connect them with their legislators and state leaders. The site provides visitors the opportunity to contact their legislators in just a few clicks.

Suggested email text helps set a respectful tone for users as they begin to prepare their personalized remarks to their representatives. It also includes some quick facts to help direct them in making their point in a succinct manner. In addition to email, the site also helps users send tweets and Facebook messages to their legislators.

Try it yourself now. Visit​ today.



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