Thousands of Radio and TV Spots Aired in Texas Counties Deliver Campaign



​From November 2016 through January, more than 29,000 radio and TV spots have aired as part of the Texas Counties Deliver public education campaign. The public service announcements will continue to run through May.

The spots promote Texas county government and the essential services it provides Texans every day, and they encourage the public to visit the English and Spanish versions of

More than 180 stations across the state have been airing the 15-second, 20-second and 30-second spots since the broadcast campaign began.

TAC worked with the Texas Association of Broadcasters’ Non-Commercial Sustaining Announcement Program to distribute the spots, which are in English and Spanish.

Let us know what you think! If you hear or see a spot, please let TAC know about it. Just email . We’re spreading word — Texas Counties Deliver!


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