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Education Overview

Providing a wide variety of training opportunities relevant to your daily challenges in public office is an important service that the Texas Association of Counties provides our members.
Our training events—designed and guided by county officials—target the needs of the county audience and provide a unique opportunity for everyone to participate in coordinated, professionally planned educational activities that offer great networking opportunities.
The Association also supports the continuing education programs for organziations affiliated with the Association and enlists Texas' major universities as education co-sponsors for TAC education and training programs.

Education Department Staff

, Communication and Education Services Director
, Education Services Manager
Leadership Program:
, Education Program Manager
, Education Project Manager
, Education Project Coordinator 
Judicial Education Program:
, Judicial Program Manager
, Judicial Project Manager
, Judicial Education Project Coordinator
County Investment Academy:
, Education Project Manager
, Education Project Coordinator
General Conferences & Events:
, Education Project Manager
, Education Project Manager​​​
, Education Project Coordinator
, Education Project Coordinator

 Helpful Numbers


(512) 478-8753
Toll-free in Texas:
 (800) 456-5974
Education Department fax: (512) 477-1324