Investment Quarterly Survey

A call to all County Investment Officers, Treasurers and Auditors

In support of Texas Association of County’s efforts to continually assess its Education and Training program, this survey is intended to provide data that will guide the County Investment Academy as it works on the structure and design of future training. This survey data will enable the County Investment Academy Education Committee to focus on statewide investment trends in aggregate and thereby make decisions that best fit current and future investment trends and training needs to county officials. This new strategy will allow the Committee to especially focus on the needs of county investment officers and provide greater opportunity for a better educational assessment in meeting the needs of counties, recognize diversity of counties, enhance participation, encourage coordination and collaboration among officials and should ensure enhanced professionally planned educational activities that offer greater value and networking opportunities among counties.
This survey is very short with only information derived from your county’s most recent Investment Quarterly Report available at the time of this request aggregated actual amounts by each investment type. By requesting information that is most readily available, hopefully, more counties will participate.
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Thank you for your participation!