Outside Hours

The Court of Criminal Appeals has entrusted the Texas Association of Counties (TAC) with the authority and funding to oversee training for constitutional county judges, largely through education opportunities provided by the Texas Judicial Academy (TJA). TAC is responsible for ensuring the quality, consistency and relevance on the instruction for which county judges are awarded judicial education credit. The County Judges Education Advisory Committee (CJEAC) serves in an advisory capacity for TAC in developing these programs.
The TJA is the primary provider of judicial education credit for constitutional county judges. However, the committee has created guidelines for other courses that may be approved for credit. These guidelines have been adopted to achieve the goals of providing a continuum of education, standardization of education and to eliminate repetition of courses.
These guidelines include the following policies:
  • Other than recognized judicial education venues, i.e. the National Judicial College, the Texas College of Probate Judges, the Juvenile Probation Commission Annual Conference, judicial education credit will be awarded only for events sponsored by the regional Judges and Commissioners Association Conferences, the State Judges and Commissioners Association Conference, and the V.G. Young Institute Annual Conference.
  • Courses must be applicable to the judicial duties of a constitutional county judge.
  • The committee requires scheduling sixty minutes contact time for each hour of credit awarded and requires that classes be at least one hour in length.
  • Judicial Education classes are not to be used as an attendance draw for other events.
  • Applications for judicial credit must be submitted to the committee at least one month in advance of the conference date.
  • The applications for credit must include course objectives, contact time, and speakers.
  • The standard committee evaluation and credit forms must be utilized and returned to the Judicial Education Department within 10 days of the end of the conference, as well as two copies of all  hand-out materials.
  • The CJEAC reserves the authority to provide monitors for the conferences.
Criteria for Outside Judicial Hours

Application for Judicial Credit

Approved Education Events for Outside Hours
FY 2017 Reporting Period: Sept. 1, 2016 – Aug. 31, 2017

Texas College of Probate Judges

Workshops – Various Dates
Contact Jana Cotton for more information at (512) 854-9258

Texas Indigent Defense Commission
Workshops Various Dates
Contact Marissa Kubinski for more information at (512) 936-6994