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Leadership 254 Application and Tuition

We're sorry. The application deadline for the 2017-2018 class was Oct. 13.  Applications for the next class will be accepted during the summer of 2018. 

There are two ways to participate in a Leadership 254 class:

  1. TAC Scholarship
    A county official can apply to receive a TAC scholarship by submitting an application. 

Tuition and Expenses: If selected, the participant will receive a $3,500 TAC scholarship to attend Leadership 254. Course materials, assessments, food and lodging are included. Travel expenses are not included in the tuition and are the responsibility of each participant.
  1. County Association Nomination
    County officials can also participate by being nominated by their respective county official association. Most associations will select at least one nominee and sponsor them to attend.

Association nominations will be selected according to the individual association’s selection process. Officials should contact an officer in their association to learn more about this opportunity. 

Tuition and Expenses: Each county official association is responsible for paying the tuition of their nominees. The $3,500 tuition can be paid in full at the time of registration or over two budget cycles. The fee includes the cost of course materials, meals and lodging. Travel expenses are not included and are the responsibility of each participant or association.