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Executive Leadership Class Overview

Modeled after the framework of other elite leadership development programs, this class is designed specifically for county officials and their needs. The class will help participants develop effective leadership skills and explore county issues in order to develop innovative approaches to long-standing concerns and build key alliances within the courthouse and externally with businesses and other levels of government.
This program provides county officials with an opportunity to "step up to the plate," enact meaningful change for the betterment of county government and be a voice for the future.
Often it is said, "This all sounds good; however, county governance is a unique animal and the county environment represents a real set of challenges." The County Leadership Class will equip officials with the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to address these unique issues and build networks so that you do not have to "go it alone." During the course of this intensive, highly interactive program, participants will be able to:
  • Acquire and practice essential leadership skills;
  • Understand issues that will have an impact on the future of your county;
  • Articulate and build a vision;
  • Foster networks and reliable resources within county offices and externally with businesses and other level of government; and
  • Embody and convey successful agents of change
Leadership Class Participants
A class is selected from among emerging and veteran county elected officials and auditors from across the state. Participants in a class bring diverse backgrounds and expertise to the process of strengthening leadership skills while studying issues critical to the future of their counties and the State of Texas. An important goal of the program is for participants to establish lasting relationships as an alumni group, supporting each other's leadership efforts long after the formal learning situation concludes.
Curriculum Description
The class meets on at least three occasions over the course of a year to complete more than 50 hours of learning. The program features small class size and interactive settings so that the framework for effective decision-making can be explored. Continuing education hours will be provided for certain county offices.

Each unit throughout the three modules contains the elements of leadership skills which include intensive case study, group discussion and collaborative activities to give participants an in-depth understanding in each skill set. Each module typically features two or more essential leadership skills.
In addition to skills modules, each class will highlight strategic issues affecting county government, one covered at length during each session.
An interdisciplinary approach to additional core topics will be integrated into the curriculum to ensure course content is applicable to Texas counties. Examples of core topics include ethics, Texas demographics, communication, coordination, collaboration skills and historical perspectives.
This county leadership program will benefit from the practical knowledge and insight of proven Texas leaders in business and government, building an ever-expanding network of personal relationships. TAC Leadership faculty are a select group of experienced educators, business and governmental leaders that will guide participants though the curriculum, serving in a mentorship capacity.
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