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Leadership Program Curriculum Summary

Module 1 

Unit I: Leadership in the Public Sector
This course identifies the role of the public leader and leadership problems specific to county government. Topics include "role vs. trait" theories of leadership, managing a leadership vision and building commitment among governmental leaders.
Unit II: Communicating in the New Texas
The needs and demands of Texas emerging majority-minority population provide a communications challenge to all government leaders. This session will explore effective communications with an emphasis on special cultural and ethnic issues. Mastering performance anxiety and learning tools and skills to organize and deliver persuasive presentations will also be explored.
Unit III: Leadership Styles in County Government
Learn your individual leadership style to enhance your effectiveness. Lively small group exercises will provide insight into your personal style and methods for working with others for effective implementation of change.
Unit IV: Communicating with Power
Let's face it … whether you need to maintain order in commissioner's court or deal with an irate citizen at a service counter, government leaders often face disputes and conflict. This session examines verbal techniques to strengthen your ability to control situations and keep communication focused for productive outcomes.

Module 2
Unit V: Ethics and Integrity in Public Service
Complex and rapid global changes will present new ethical dilemmas, the likes of which we've never seen before. To meet these challenges, new leadership methods must evolve into a more ethical model of leadership that is centered around a strong moral core. This new model will require a higher order of personal integrity, skills, perspectives and capabilities. This session will include advanced examination of ethics, integrity and the importance of doing the right thing as a public servant—not just doing things right.
Module VI: Building the Future Through Teamwork
Ways to improve teamwork by building relationships between leaders are explored through discussion and interactive exercises. This module will provide strategies for reaching agreement on the future and working together to get results.
Module VII: Strategic tabletop discussions topics: "Teamwork" and "Balance"

Module 3
Unit VIII: Creating the Vision
Without a clear view of a desired outcome, leaders cannot effectively craft the future for themselves and their counties. In this session, the class will practice visioning techniques to build a vision of future county government in Texas.
Unit IX: Servant Leadership and Agents of Change
Making a lasting difference is what it's all about. This session examines implementing your vision of change by learning to lead through service to your community and state.
Unit X: Strategic tabletop discussion topics: "Public trust" and "Fair access"

Each of these three sessions features a strategic or critical issue to be presented and discussed by experts in the issue's respective field. At present, the issues have not been selected, but in previous classes, some have included: 
  • Indigent health care
  • Unfunded mandates
  • Property tax reform
  • Mental health issues in Corrections
  • Finance
  • How legislative agendas affect county/state relationships

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