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Legal Publications

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Animal Control Handbook - 2015

Bail Bond Handbook - 2015

Financial Disclosure for County Officials in Texas - 2015  

Laws for County Officials - 2015

Oath and Bond Requirements for County Officials - 2015

Open Meetings Act - 2015

Public Finance Handbook for Texas Counties - 2015

Public Information Act - 2015

Special and Dedicated Funds - 2015


Short Answers to Common Questions

Burn Ban, Regulation of Fireworks and Declaration of Local Disaster - 2015

Campaign Signs On County Roads - 2015

Cemeteries and Pauper Burial - 2015

Disclosure Requirement for County Officials - 2015

Gambling - 2015

Keeping the County Scenic: Junkyards, visual Aesthetic Standards, Public Nuisance, Graffiti, Litter and Amateur Radio Antennas - 2015

Mass Gatherings - 2015

Salary Grievance Commitee - 2015

Sexually Oriented Businesses - 2015

Stock Law - 2015

Vacancies - 2015

Web Posting Requirements for Counties - 2015


Burn Ban/Fireworks Orders

County Burn Ban

Adoption of County Burn Ban

    Attorney General's Opinion GA-0930

Disaster Declaration

Declaration of Local Disaster

Regulating Fireworks

2016 Fireworks Calendar

Texas Independence Day 2016

San Jacinto Day 2016

Fourth of July 2016

49 CFR 173.56

49 CFR 173.100

Eminent Domain

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