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Healthy County Wellness Consultants & Services

Providing Custom Employee Wellness Solutions and Ongoing Support

Healthy County, the TAC HEBP’s comprehensive and results-oriented wellness program, takes a shared-responsibility approach to reducing health risks and decreasing costs of preventable illness. As a member of TAC HEBP, your county has access to the Healthy County wellness program. Created just for Texas counties and their employees, Healthy County offers a variety of ways for your employees to get—and stay—healthy. Using tools and programs tailored to meet your county’s needs, your employees will be an empowered part of your county’s plan to keep health care costs down and preserve the high quality benefits you offer for many years to come.

Healthy County can improve lives and control costs. We do this by helping counties strategically plan and implement best practices programs and services that address all points of the health continuum by catching catastrophic cases before they happen, helping ill employees reverse or manage their disease and by keeping your healthy employees healthy

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Key Services Provided

Strategic Planning: We will assess your county’s health needs, budget and culture to determine the most effective course of action. We support your county by analyzing specific population needs, collecting employee feedback, soliciting senior management support and input, setting short- and long-term goals and measuring outcomes.

Engagement and Incentive Design: We drive employee engagement in wellness and disease management programs by working with your county to design creative, high-value incentives that are cost neutral to your county, and by working to create a culture of wellness within your workplace.

Programs and Interventions: We bring to the table a wide variety of wellness, clinical and health management consulting and program resources to assess and meet the specific needs of your county.

Health Education: We specialize in preventive and educational outreach initiatives to promote overall wellbeing through seminars, campaigns, newsletters and social media.

Evaluation: We believe in making data-based decisions and creating results oriented programs. Your wellness consultants will work with your county and BlueCross BlueShield of Texas to track the success of your program by measuring levels of engagement, changes in health risks and claims data.