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Risk Control Consultants & Services

Risk Control Consultants are available to help TAC Risk Management Pool members mitigate exposures commonly found in offices, detention facilities and road construction operations. They assist Pool members who have Workers’ Compensation, Property or Automobile Liability Coverage. A number of our Risk Control Consultants hold professional certifications such as Certified Risk Manager (CRM).

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Key Services Provided

Technical Assistance: Risk Control Consultants assist members in developing and implementing risk control programs and are considered an invaluable resource in developing and promoting return-to-work programs. These programs benefit counties across the state by reducing the costs of claims and employees’ days away from work due to work-related injuries. 

Claims Analysis: Risk Control Consultants analyze members’ past losses and develop action plans to prevent future losses. Pool members value these services and rely upon them when making business decisions. 

Risk Management Surveys: These surveys identify and alert members about potential conditions that could lead to an accident or a loss. Consultants also assess and evaluate members’ safety programs.

On-Site Training: Our Consultants offer on-site safety training. The topics covered are intended to address members’ specific safety issues and to increase safety awareness. Some of the topics include: ergonomics, back injury prevention, construction equipment operations, fleet safety, and slip and fall prevention. More training information .

Resource Library: We have an extensive video library on general safety topics, law enforcement and management that is available to TAC RMP members. Many counties rely on this service for their own in-house safety training. 

Driving Simulator: Our driving simulator​ helps develop defensive driving techniques and improves driver decision-making skills. It’s designed to train public works operations and emergency personnel, who constitute the majority of the drivers insured by counties, and is available to the Pool’s Automobile Liability and Workers' Compensation customers.