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TAC Risk Management Pool

Risk Management and Risk Control Training

TAC Risk Management Pool (RMP) members have access to training and educational programs to help them increase safety awareness and improve their risk management programs. Training is provided to Pool members at no additional cost.

Please contact your Risk Control, Human Resources or Law Enforcement consultant to learn more about these training opportunities.  


All TAC members can participate in a number of webinars offered throughout the year. Webinar topics range from employment law to risk management.

Regional Pool Workshops and County Management and Risk Conference

TAC RMP members can learn about risk and how to manage it by attending free workshops​ presented at locations around Texas or at our free, two-day annual conference.

Managing Stress and Burnout for Law Enforcement Workshop​

Thirteen one-day workshops​ addressing the effect of stress and burnout in the lives of law enforcement personnel will be held at various locations Nov. 29 through September 2018.​

Legal Liability Risk Management Institute (LLRMI) Online Training Services

TAC RMP Law Enforcement Liability program members have access to LLRMI Training Services online to promote positive, professional county law enforcement efforts and reduce liability exposures.

Simulation Training

Driving Simulation Training
TAC RMP offers Driving Simulation Training to members participating in the Automobile Liability and Workers’ Compensation programs. Two new simulators deliver this driver safety training.

Resistance Response Simulation Training
Members of TAC RMP in the Law Enforcement Liability Program have access to a Resistance Response Simulator available to help county law enforcement officers who encounter volatile situations typical in law enforcement operations.

Darren Jackson
​Simulator Program Supervisor

Don Courtney    
Don Courtney
Driving Simulator Consultant