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In today’s world, lawsuits against public entities are not uncommon. TAC Risk Management Pool provides coverage to defend the county if sued and to settle the costs of covered claims. The Pool offers several types of liability coverage to address the unique risks of Texas county government:

  • Customer tripped over an electrical cord Royalty Free Stock PhotoGeneral Liability — Provides coverage for claims alleging bodily injury and property damage arising from the condition or use of real property. Examples of these types of occurrences include slips and falls or equipment colliding with automobiles.
  • Public Officials Liability — Provides coverage for elected and appointed officials, employees and volunteers for claims arising from the performance of official county duties.  Provides a defense for claims such as workplace discrimination, harassment, retaliation, wrongful termination, alleged malicious prosecution by county prosecutors and claims under the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • Law Enforcement Liability — Provides coverage for elected and appointed officials, employees and volunteers for claims arising from the performance of law enforcement duties. Provides a defense for claims such as excessive force, wrongful arrest, failure to provide medical care in jails and inadequate or improper jail conditions.
  • Auto Liability — Coverage provided for bodily injury and property damage caused by the negligent use of a covered auto. Includes options for Hired/Non Owned, Personally Owned Vehicles for Law Enforcement, Personal Injury Protection and Un-Insured/Under-Insured Motorist Protection. State tort limits are standard and increased limits are available.
  • Cyber Liability  — Cyber liability coverage is provided at no additional charge to participants of the Public Officials Liability program. Cyber Liability provides coverage for data breach and privacy response, including:
    • Credit monitoring - Provide the option of credit monitoring services to those individuals whose data has been compromised.
    • Forensic investigations - Investigation into the cause of the data breach.
    • Public relations - assistance with communications regarding the breach and the county's response to those affected and to the public.
    • Legal fees - Attorney's, court and other legal fees incurred following the data breach, subject to sublimit.
    • Regulatory proceedings and penalties - Coverage for regulatory proceedings and penalties incurred.
    • eRiskHub® Portal powered by NetDiligence® – TAC RMP Members participating in the Public Officials Liability program have access to a Cyber Liability Risk Portal. The site delivers a wealth of information to help counties understand the exposures, develop a response plan and minimize the effects of a breach of organization’s data.

Who to Contact for More Information 


General Liability Coverage questions: (800) 456-5974

Liability Coverage Claims Services
General Liability or Auto Liability:
  or at (800) 456-5974

Public Officials or Law Enforcement Liability claims:
 (Northwest and Northeast) or  (Southwest and Southeast) at (800) 456-5974
Comprehensive Risk Management Services
Learn about the risk professionals and services available to help TAC RMP members reduce risk.

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