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TAC Risk Management Pool (RMP) offers coverage to replace your buildings and contents if they are damaged or stolen.
  • PreviewProperty Coverage — Provides coverage for sudden and unexpected losses or physical damage to buildings, structures, contents, valuable papers and records, electronic data processing equipment and mobile equipment. This also covers claims such as fire, lightning or hail damage. TAC RMP offers 100 percent replacement cost coverage with no co-insurance penalties, to minimize unplanned expenses associated with property losses. We also offer the option of covering your courthouse or other historical buildings at “historical reproduction value.” If a historical building is damaged or destroyed, this type of coverage allows for the increased cost of repair using materials and workmanship of like kind to the original.

    • Crime Coverage — Provided at no extra cost to participants in the Property program. Provides coverage for financial losses that arise from criminal activity such as burglary, forgery, fraud and employee dishonesty. This coverage includes sub-limits for computer fraud and wire transfer fraud.
  • Appraisal services— Property members receive professional appraisals to determine accurate replacement cost values for buildings, structures and contents. Appraisals can also provide historical reproduction value to preserve a treasured courthouse or other historical buildings. With this free service, members receive a detailed appraisal at no additional cost.
  • National Flood Insurance Access – TAC RMP members participating in the property program have easy access to sign up for primary flood insurance from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) through this County Reinsurance Limited (CRL) and Marsh portal.

    • For entities that do not participate in the TAC RMP Property Program, access to the portal is available. However, the entity will need to determine any gaps in flood coverage that may arise with their current coverage provider. If you would like a quote for Property Coverage with TAC RMP, please contact your Risk Management Consultant. Flood limits selected for purchases made through NFIP are at the sole discretion of the purchasing entity.


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Claims Fax: (512) 615-8942
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