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Risk Management Teams

Risk Management Consultants, Member Services Representatives and Underwriters​

See photos and contact information for each team’s Risk Management Consultants, Member Services Representatives and Underwriters. Find out which team serves you:

4TerritoriesMap-Unlabeled.jpg Northwest T​erritory Team

Northeast Territory Team

Southwest Territory Team

Southeast Territory Team​

Four territory teams – each made up of a Risk Management Consultant, a Member Services Representative and an Underwriter – serve TAC Risk Management Pool members across the state. Each team works together to comprehensively understand and meet the particular needs of every member.

Risk Management Consultants

Risk Management Consultants evaluate each member’s exposure and examine risk and insurance programs to assist in determining the member’s coverage needs. They help ensure that a Pool member’s coverage through TAC follows current standards and best practices.

Risk Management Consultants provide continuing strategic counsel and risk management support to make sure your changing needs are addressed. When your county joins the Pool, you’ll receive on-call and on-site flexible support from these knowledgeable and experienced risk management professionals.

Consultants specialize in risk management services, including insurance industry best practices and effective risk control. Most hold many professional and recognized designations such as Associate Risk Manager (ARM), Certified Risk Manager (CRM) and Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC).

Key Services Provided

Exposure Review: Consultants help identify, prioritize and quantify exposures to loss. This step typically involves on-site meetings with elected officials and department heads to discuss operations, exposures and evaluation of their prior loss experience. 

Program review: Risk assessments related to new county operational activities are conducted as well as annual policy and endorsement review. Consultants also verify the accuracy of the TAC RMP program and contribution adjustments and work to identify potential duplications or gaps in coverage. Risk Management Consultants provide consultation, review and guidance about the request for proposal (RFP) process regarding the member’s coverage. They also present reports to and update your commissioners court on your county’s risk management program and coverage. 

Education: Consultants work to build members’ awareness of risk exposures to help minimize losses. This education also includes sharing knowledge of the insurance market, including the evolution and trends for new exposures and coverage. Consultants develop educational material for the appropriate elected official or department head on findings and the overall risk management program.

Evaluation: They review appropriate limits and recommend improvements on current coverage and risk financing programs and improvements to risk management policies and procedures.

Member Services Representatives and Underwriters

Member Services Representatives (MSR), Underwriters, and Risk Management Consultants collaborate to provide a service approach to meet members’ specific coverage needs. This team approach provides each member with efficient, effective and coordinated service that meets their particular needs.

MSRs assist new members and renewing members with TAC RMP’s Property, Liability and Workers’ Compensation coverage. Have a question regarding your coverage? Your Member Services Representative is here to help. Underwriters safeguard operational quality control measures and ensure TAC RMP is fiscally stable.

Our MSRs and Underwriters specialize in their areas and are knowledgeable about the Pool’s coverage options. Many hold professional and recognized designations such as Associate in Underwriting (AU) and Certified Insurance Service Representative (CISR).

Key Services Provided

Customer Service: Members receive exceptional customer service from Member Services Representatives in response to all coverage-related questions.

Maintain Exposures: Member Services Representatives ensure coverage exposures are maintained throughout the year.

Coverage Review: Members’ coverage documents are reviewed by Member Services Representatives to provide members with relevant coverage to address their exposure updates. 

Renewals: Members’ renewals for Pool coverage are individually reviewed and processed by Member Services Representatives and ensure exposures, deductibles and limits are up-to-date.

Proposals: Member Services Representatives process request for proposals (RFP) and provide quotes for the Pool’s programs.  


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