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TAC Unemployment Compensation Group Account Fund

TAC’s Unemployment Compensation Group Account Fund is a comprehensive unemployment compensation solution. It brings stability and predictability to an often erratic component of the expense of being an employer. We take the hassle out of handling claims, meeting state requirements and deadlines, and we work with your county to reduce claims exposures.

Membership means keeping more of your taxpayers’ money at home in your county, where it’s needed most. Members make payments to the Fund on the basis of their claims history once they have been a member of the Fund for one year.

The Fund, which is governed by county officials, reimburses the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) for unemployment claims paid to former employees of member counties. Counties participating in this program have opted to be a “reimbursing employer” rather than pay the state unemployment payroll tax, generating substantial savings for counties. Questions? Contact us.

Reasons to Join TAC Unemployment Fund

Easy budgeting – Payments to the Fund are based on the annual average of a county's unemployment compensation claims for the past five years.

Expert management and assistance – Members benefit from the expertise of TAC Human Resources Consultants, and the assistance of Equifax Workforce Solutions claims management specialists in preparation for, and participation in contested claims before the TWC.
Peace of mind - The group reimbursing account removes some of the immediate risks and uncertainties related to unemployment by spreading claims costs over a longer period of time.
Education opportunities – As a Fund member you receive valuable personalized training. This service, offered at no cost, will keep your county on top of proper termination procedures and the record keeping requirements for contested claims eligibility determinations, helping you manage and control your unemployment costs.
The right choice for Texas counties – More than 200 of Texas' 254 counties already belong to the Fund and enjoy the benefits and stability membership offers.