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    County Issues Newsletter | December 2022

    News Article | December 16, 2022

    Selected Grant Opportunities for Texas Counties

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    Legislative Services
    Federal Funding Opportunities
    Affordable Connectivity Grant Program
    Date Due: 1/9/2023
    Funding Agency Contact: or
    Affordable Connectivity Outreach Grant Program – Pilot Program Grants
    Date Due: 1/9/2023
    Funding Agency Contact:
    Solid Waste Infrastructure for Recycling (SWIFR) Grant Program for Political Subdivisions of States and Territories
    Date Due: 1/16/2023
    Funding Agency Contact:  
    Rural Communities Opioid Response Program – Overdose Response
    Date Due: 1/19/2023
    Funding Agency Contact: or (301) 443-2302
    Distance Learning and Telemedicine Grants
    Date Due: 1/30/2023
    Funding Agency Contact: or (202) 720-0800
    State Funding Opportunities
    Agricultural Water Conservation Grants, Fiscal Year 2023
    Date Due: 2/8/2023
    Funding Agency Contact: or (512) 463-7984
    2023-24 Community Development Fund
    Date Due: 4/3/2023
    Funding agency contact:
    2023 Colonia Fund Construction Program (CFC)
    Date Due: 5/3/2023
    Funding Agency Contact:
    2022 Resilient Communities Program
    Date Due: 6/1/2028
    Funding Agency Contact: or (512) 770-4900

    For more on these and other grant opportunities, please visit the Texas Association of Counties' Grant Opportunities webpage, or contact Megan Molleur or Zelma Smith.