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    County Issues Newsletter | June 2022

    News Article | June 23, 2022

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    The newest episode of the Texas Association of Counties' podcast, Texas County Voice, is available today. On the episode, Haley Click, TAC's director of Education & Member Services, and Comal County Treasurer Renee Couch talk about Leadership 254, a TAC executive leadership program that helps county officials learn how to enhance their leadership skills and styles to better meet the unique challenges of their offices.

    Click manages Leadership 254 and Couch is a recent graduate of the program and the newly named chair of TAC's Leadership Development Committee. She is also the immediate past president of the TAC Board of Directors.

    TAC is currently accepting applications for Leadership 254, Class of 2023-24. County officials can apply online at

    All episodes of Texas County Voice can be found on Listen here.

    Episodes are also available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify.

    Comments on current episodes or suggestions for future episodes can be sent to