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    County Issues Newsletter | October 2022

    News Article | October 27, 2022

    Unfunded Mandates Survey Deadline Draws Near

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    The Nov. 15 due date for the 2022 Unfunded Mandates Survey is nearly upon us. The whole year has been slipping past quickly, which may explain why we have only 32 completed surveys as of Oct. 27 – a bit behind our pace in 2020, when 38 counties had replied by Oct. 14 (and 2020 was the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic). Regardless of the pace, we need your help to reach our goal of well over 100 completed surveys this year!

    The survey results are very important and highly useful. The information you provide about unfunded mandates will be used to educate legislators and other leaders about the fiscal impacts their decisions have had on local taxpayers and county governments. It will also be used to inform everyone about the impact of future decisions on bills in the upcoming legislative session. All of which allows county officials a potentially significant influence in Austin.

    Meanwhile, quite a few counties have started the survey online but not yet marked it complete. Plus, we know that some counties are working on the survey offline and plan to enter their data by the deadline. But we also know that other counties have been too busy to start on the survey — much like 2020, with so much happening in the world, this has been an unusual year by any standard.

    Luckily, your county can still participate. We sent an automated reminder email on Oct. 18 to county auditors (and to county treasurers in counties that do not have auditors). If you did not see the reminder in your inbox, check your spam filter for a message from Alchemer ( If the message cannot be found or if you have any questions about the survey, please contact Tim Brown.

    These are the counties that completed the 2022 survey as of Oct. 27:

    1. Aransas
    2. Calhoun
    3. Cass
    4. Childress
    5. Coke
    6. Comal
    7. Dimmit
    8. Ector
    9. Falls
    10. Gonzales
    11. Guadalupe
    12. Henderson
    13. Hidalgo
    14. Howard
    15. Jefferson
    16. Jones
    17. Kaufman
    18. Kimble
    19. Lamar
    20. Oldham
    21. Randall
    22. Rockwall
    23. Runnels
    24. Shackelford
    25. Trinity
    26. Van Zandt
    27. Victoria
    28. Ward
    29. Washington
    30. Wichita
    31. Winkler
    32. Zavala

    For more information about this article, please contact Tim Brown.